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Best Platforms to Sell Courses: Unleash Your Profit Potential

Updated: Jan 9

Person in front of computer, exploring online course selling platforms

In the vast world of online education, choosing the right platform to sell your courses is pivotal to your success. To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of the top platforms that can empower you to reach a broader audience, generate profits, and provide exceptional learning experiences. Let's explore these platforms and discover how Circle LMS stands out with its strengths in supporting diverse formats and flexible purchase options.



  • Massive student base, offering a vast potential audience.

  • Handles hosting, marketing, and payment processing.

  • Wide range of categories and topics available.


  • Revenue sharing model affects your profit margin.

  • Limited control over pricing and course delivery.



  • User-friendly interface, making course creation and management a breeze.

  • Full control over pricing, course content, and student engagement.

  • Integrated marketing tools and analytics for effective promotion and optimization.


  • Limited built-in student community features.

  • Higher transaction fees on lower-priced courses.



  • Easy-to-use platform for building and launching online schools.

  • Supports various multimedia formats, assessments, and gamification.

  • Flexible pricing options to suit different customer preferences.


  • Advanced customization may require technical expertise.

  • Limited native marketing and analytics features.



  • All-in-one platform for course creation, marketing, and sales.

  • Customizable website themes and advanced email marketing capabilities.

  • Membership site functionality and robust analytics for optimization.


  • Higher pricing compared to other platforms.

  • Steeper learning curve for beginners.

Circle LMS:


  • Supports diverse formats (online, virtual, in-person), accommodating various learning preferences.

  • Offers flexible purchase options, including individual purchases, group purchases, and PO accounts.

  • Intuitive course management system for easy organization and updates.


  • May have a learning curve for users new to the platform.

  • Limited built-in marketing features compared to dedicated marketing tools.

As you embark on your course selling journey, evaluating the pros and cons of each platform is crucial. While Udemy boasts a massive student base and Teachable offers full control, Thinkific impresses with its flexibility and Kajabi with its comprehensive features. However, Circle LMS stands out for its strengths in supporting diverse formats and flexible purchase options.

With Circle LMS, you can cater to various learning preferences by offering online, virtual, or in-person courses. Additionally, its flexible purchase options, including individual, group, and PO account purchases, provide convenience and accessibility for your customers. Circle LMS empowers you to deliver outstanding learning experiences while maximizing your profit potential.

Consider your specific needs, goals, and target audience when selecting the ideal platform. Explore each platform's features, compare their strengths and limitations, and choose the one that aligns best with your course selling strategy. Unlock your profit potential, reach a wider audience, and embark on a successful journey of online education with the right platform by your side, be it Circle LMS or one of the other top contenders.

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