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Trick-or-Train: Revamp Your Corporate Training with a Spooktacular Twist

Updated: Jan 14

Halloween-inspired training and learning

The fall season brings cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and, of course, Halloween! While Halloween may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about corporate training, it's a perfect opportunity to infuse a dose of creativity into your learning management system (LMS). In this blog post, we'll explore how you can use the Halloween season to revamp your corporate training and make it more engaging, memorable, and "spooktacular" for your employees.

Halloween-Ready LMS Strategies:

A ghost reading a book. Spooky learning

1. Halloween-Themed eLearning Modules:

Transform your regular training modules into captivating, Halloween-themed experiences. Incorporate spooky scenarios, graphics, and narratives into online training. For example, use a haunted office setting to teach problem-solving skills, upload a video course that contains unexpected jump scares, or add a creepy voice-over to your lecture slides. All of this can be done by using Circle LMS’s internal course builder. This approach not only adds a fun twist but also makes learning more memorable.

Virtual Halloween costume contest

2. Virtual or In-Person Costume Contests

Encourage team spirit and engagement by hosting a virtual Halloween costume contest. Employees can submit photos or videos of themselves in their best Halloween attire. Use the survey feature or discussion forums in your LMS to let employees vote for their favorites. For in-person classes, simply encourage the employees to show up all dressed up. This not only adds a fun element to the workplace but also strengthens the sense of community among remote or dispersed teams.

Men in business attire holding a pumpkin

3. Eerie Webinars and Workshops:

If your company hosts webinars or virtual workshops, give them a Halloween makeover. Create spooky-themed presentations, invite guest speakers to discuss topics related to innovation and creativity, and encourage participants to share their own eerie experiences or work-related fears. Maybe even schedule a midnight “class” to share ghost stories! These sessions can be both informative and entertaining.

Gamification elements in online learning

4. Ghoulish Gamification:

Leverage gamification within Circle LMS to create Halloween-themed quizzes, challenges, and leaderboards. Reward top performers with badges and create certificates for those who complete themed modules and participate in Halloween-related activities. It’s time to recognize and celebrate employees who embrace the Halloween spirit during their training and work!

Halloween-themed spooky content

5. Frightfully Insightful Content:

Introduce Halloween-themed content that aligns with your training objectives. For instance, use Halloween as an opportunity to explore topics like overcoming fears, managing uncertainty, or fostering creativity. Share articles, videos, and case studies that relate to these themes and encourage employees to discuss and apply their insights in their roles.

Spine-chilling immersive experience

6.Spine-Chilling Immersive Experience:

Try out our virtual reality courses where you can engage with the environment and learn to navigate a frightening and dangerous scenario. Be prepared to be visually stimulated this Halloween!

All of this is possible with Circle Learning Management System! Check out our site and book a demo with us today!

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