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Video Course

About this course type

Video course allow you to easily upload video content to your LMS.

Video content that includes visual aids, demonstrations, and animations can enhance learner's understanding and make your course particularly engaging and memorable. Your video course may consist of one or multiple parts, each covering a specific topic or segment of the overall course content. The division into multiple parts allows for easier navigation, comprehension, and the ability to focus on specific subtopics. Learners can progress through the course systematically, watching one part at a time, and may have the flexibility to revisit specific sections as needed.

Create a video course

Now that you know the basics, let's create a video course!

1. Go to AdminCourse AdminVideo Course Admin

2. Click the menu bar on the top right and choose "Create a new course"

3. Fill in the Course Info page

4. Input additional Course Details

5. Go to the Course Content page and click "Add content"

6. Upload a video and edit the video's title, description and thumbnail

7. Repeat step 6 to add more videos

8. Set the course price

9. Publish the course by turning on the "Active" and "Viewable" toggles

Watch this tutorial to help you get started:

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