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With Circle LMS for Customer Training

What is customer training?

The most important part of any company’s network is their customers. Training your customers ensures that they have a solid understanding of your product or service and helps your relationship thrive. Circle LMS provides you with user-friendly tools to help you adapt your learning material to your customers’ needs.

Why it’s important

Ensure Customer Success

When your customers succeed, so do you. Effective training gives your customers the competence they need to use your product or service effectively.

Guarantee Satisfaction

With effective training comes customer satisfaction, enabling you to maintain a strong relationship.

Boost Your Brand

Strong customer relationships can help you boost your brand and establish a strong image.

Expand Your Reach

Satisfied customers have far-reaching effects, helping you expand your customer base and drive profitability.

Why choose Circle LMS?

Circle LMS provides you tools to serve customers of any size, region, language, or training need. Our system makes it easy to adapt and deploy your learning material to any audience, so that you can align your training objectives with your customer’s unique needs and strengthen your connections.

Team Meeting

Our Features

The Right Training for Every Customer

Through our advanced integrations, Circle LMS provides access to the right platform for every different learning style. Circle LMS accommodates online courses, in-person classroom courses, peer-to-peer training, virtual classroom courses, and virtual reality training. Our API integrations allow you to assemble the perfect blend of training platforms, to ensure the best fit for every learner.

Courses Made For Every Learner

When it comes to online courses, Circle LMS allows for endless possibilities. Our online course creator tool includes photo, video, and audio file uploads, an intuitive quiz creator, interactive interface design, and more, allowing you to create engaging and personal e-learning content. Or you can simply upload pre-existing SCORM courses, seamlessly integrated into the system for centralized access.

Serve Customers Across the Globe

Circle LMS gives you the power to take your training global with its multilingual abilities. Our system supports more than fifteen different languages, helping to eliminate barriers between regions and deliver the right training to every customer, no matter where they are.

Centralized Management

Circle LMS equips managers with a comprehensive set of tools to track thousands of training records, all in the same place. Our system provides intuitive manager dashboards and automated summary emails, with all data updated in real-time. Circle LMS also integrates training completion records from external sources, allowing for seamless performance management.

Detailed Performance Insights

Circle LMS allows you to generate detailed performance reports for your customers, making it easy to stay on top of their training progress. Circle LMS’s reporting tools allow you to filter results through advanced criteria, enabling highly customized reports. Plus, all data is always updated in real-time to ensure compliance for every customer.

Conforms to Any Customer

Circle LMS’s open integration capabilities make it highly adaptable. With Circle LMS, you can interface with countless other applications, to create custom-fit learning experiences for every customer.

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