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Circle for Aviation

Circle helps your organization take flight

Elevate Your Organization’s Productivity

Safety is of the utmost importance in the aviation industry. Employees on every end of your organization must be trained thoroughly in order to establish competence and ensure the safety of your passengers.

Your organization is made up of many different roles, each unique but all essential. From technicians to pilots, from flight attendants to operations agents, each role requires in-depth, immersive training. Circle facilitates maximum efficiency in training delivery, ensuring that each of your employees receives only perfectly relevant training.

Communication is the key to organizational performance. All employees must be in tune to produce a harmonious operation. Circle gives you the tools you need to easily deliver consistent, relevant training to every employee, ensuring coordination amongst all levels of your organization.

Circle guarantees effective and thorough training to develop your employees’ expertise. No matter what role your employee serves, each will be fully competent in delivering the best possible experience for your customers.

Circle Helps You Implement Safe and Effective Training

Optimize Training Delivery

Circle enables you to deliver relevant and unique training to each of your employees by automating the training assignment process. You may customize your assignment rules based on a variety of criteria, then sit back and let Circle do the rest.

Guarantee Compliance

When dealing with constantly changing safety regulations, it is critical to keep your employees compliant. Circle guarantees compliance by automatically grouping the data of compliant users and allowing for easy data monitoring. 

Support Employee Growth

Circle’s personalized training programs can help you motivate your employees and allow their productivity to soar. Circle also provides effective certification management tools to reward your employees’ accomplishments.

Customize Training for Different Roles

When managing training for a variety of different roles, it is important to utilize different training formats to give each employee the best fitting training. Circle enables you to combine online, classroom, and other external courses, all managed from one central system.

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