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Certificate Management   

Take advantage of Circle's robust Certificate features to easily enhance the credibility of your courses. Provide certificates to inspire and acknowledge your students' accomplishments, distinguishing yourself from other course providers and building your own authority. Circle LMS has everything you need for certificate creation:  


You can tailor how students earn certificates—whether through quizzes, meeting deadlines, fulfilling prerequisites, etc.—all under your control. 

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Time Efficiency 

Certificates are instantly generated upon course completion, accompanied by automatic email notifications to students. It's simple and easy. 


Each certificate is uniquely identified with a special number, enhancing its authenticity. 

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Professional Profile Enhancement  

Students receive a link to incorporate their certificates into their resumes, bolstering their professional profiles. 

Design Options 

Choose from a variety of certificate designs to align with your preferences and the aesthetic of your courses. 

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