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Circle for Oil & Gas

Circle fuels your organization's training success

Ensure Compliance and Social Responsibility

The oil and gas industry deals with a variety of governmental regulations pertaining to health, safety, and environmental responsibility, which requires a high level of competency from your employees. Consistency and compliance are absolutely crucial when dealing with such important guidelines.

Your employees must remain up to speed with the latest governmental policies and company procedures in order to maintain safe and effective operations. A socially responsible climate begins with your training. Circle’s automated training assignment mechanisms ensure that your employees will always receive the most thorough, relevant, and up-to-date training for their specific roles. 

Circle has been carefully designed to ensure compliance for employees across all levels of your organization. Circle automatically tracks and stores each employees’ training completion data to help you monitor their compliance with ease. 

Even with thousands of employees in a variety of different roles, Circle makes it easy to deploy effective and consistent training to keep all members of your organization in sync and up-to-date. Circle is the best equipped learning management system to guarantee your organization’s compliance and fuel strong employee performance.

Circle Helps You Implement Safe and Effective Training

Ensure Relevant Training

Circle makes it easy to deliver training to employees across all levels of large organizations. Circle’s automated training assignment ensures that your employees will receive only the most relevant training to their specific roles.

Easily Certify Employees

Certification is necessary in ensuring your employees’ expertise. Circle makes it easy to certify your employees by allowing you to automatically assign certification to any number of users upon completion of required courses.

Interface with External Systems

To accommodate many employees in different roles, different methods of training delivery may be necessary. Circle’s open integration platform allows you to interface with external systems to provide customized training to your many unique users.

Ensure Safety and Compliance

When facing high-risk work and a multitude of governmental regulations, it is necessary to have effective compliance management in place. Circle optimizes the compliance management process by automating the storage of compliance data and making it easy to monitor overall organization compliance.

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