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Create dynamic communities that ignite student enthusiasm for learning, fostering a loyal following who become vocal advocates for your online school.

Establish communities in your Circle LMS site

Simplify the user experience by eliminating additional logins and confusion.

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Integrate communities directly with your courses 

Create private spaces tailored to specific courses and to different cohorts.

Unlimited communities, unlimited members

We're here to assist you in building and expanding your member base. You can create as many communities as you desire and invite as many members as you like. 

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Mass member
Assignment / Unassignment

Save time managing communities with our mass member assignment and unassignment feature. Add or remove members efficiently, eliminating the need for tedious one-by-one additions

Instant Community Welcome

Whenever students are added to a community, an email notification is promptly sent, nurturing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all newcomers. 

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Visual Engagement

Members of the community can insert images in comments, igniting interaction and promoting discussion. 

Access communities anytime, anywhere

With the capability to participate in discussions spontaneously from any location, students smoothly integrate learning into their busy lives. 

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Reinforce your brand

Tailor your community to reflect the appearance of your online school, ensuring familiarity for students.

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