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Circle for Public Service

Circle empowers your personnel to serve their communities with pride

Unite Your People, Deliver Strong Performance

A powerful learning management system is necessary to match the importance of your organization’s work. Circle equips you with tools to empower your organization to maximize their competencies, perform with strength, and serve their communities with honor.

Public service organizations require various different departments and roles to function. Circle is designed to accommodate a high volume of users, making it easy to manage training for a diverse set of roles.

Circle’s training tools allow you to create personalized and engaging learning environments to meet the variety of training needs that exist within your organization. 

Unity in your organization drives powerful performance for your individual employees. Circle gives you the tools to promote consistency and cohesion within your organization, resulting in the development of strong, competent leaders.

Circle Helps You Serve and Protect Your Communities

Effectively Manage All Departments

Circle is built to handle large numbers of employees in a variety of different departments and roles. Circle’s administrative features enable you to easily manage all departments within your organization from the same organized, central system.

Measure Performance

An effective measure of performance is necessary for your team’s success. Circle equips you with various report generating tools, enabling you to thoroughly assess your trainees’ progress and performance.

Create an Engaging Training Experience

Circle’s open integration capabilities also enable you to upload external course material from any source, making it easy to create personalized and relevant learning experiences.

Unite Your People

Your organization must be unified in order to achieve successful outcomes. Circle makes it easy to keep your entire organization connected through its communication and feedback tools.

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