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Circle for Manufacturing

Circle can help you complete safe and successful projects while maximizing productivity

Achieve Project Goals, Maximize Productivity

Circle understands the importance of safety and compliance in the manufacturing industry. Thorough training of your employees is necessary in guaranteeing that your organization adheres to the necessary requirements. Circle ensures that your employees will stay safe, while also maximizing efficiency.

Manufacturing training should be immersive and hands-on. Circle provides a unique training solution by enabling your employees to develop their skills and adapt to their roles in the way that works best for them.

Circle ensures that your employees will stay informed, connected, and up-to-date when it comes to changing health and safety regulations in the manufacturing industry.

Circle’s compliance reporting features give you clear visibility into your company’s regulatory activities, minimizing associated risks and enabling you to turn an administrative burden into a cost savings opportunity.

Circle Helps You Work Safely and Efficiently

Objective Alignment

Circle’s effective communication tools can help you align your business units, subcontractors, and partners with your company’s policies and procedures, ensuring safe and successful project outcomes.

A Customizable Experience

Circle can orchestrate all of your learning and alignment needs, whether online or offline. With Circle, you can easily mix classroom instruction with online learning, no matter how many training locations you have.

Control Productivity

Circle’s customizable dashboard allows you to control the courses available to your employees and carefully track their progress in order to generate customizable reports.

Ensure Compliance

Circle automates the administration and oversight of compliance management processes to ensure that your organization is in sync with the latest regulatory requirements.

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