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Circle for Education

Circle can help you create impactful educational experiences

Fuel Your Students’ Success

Society’s educators hold immense importance in fueling the success of students on all different paths. Successful academic outcomes cannot be achieved without well-trained educators. Circle can help you develop your teaching staff’s expertise in order to deliver high quality educational content.

Your staff must be highly competent in their skillsets in order to create effective educational experiences for your students. Circle enables you to develop your staff’s expertise through personalized training and detailed progress tracking metrics.

Your educational institution’s staff is comprised of many different talents and capabilities. Circle makes it easy to manage a variety of different training needs for large numbers of employees. 

Circle helps you develop your educators’ skills and competency so that they can power their students’ success.

Circle Helps You Empower Your Educators

Automate Training Assignment

Your institution is comprised of diverse specialties. As such, each employee requires unique training. Circle automates the training assignment process to assign each employee only the training relevant to them, promoting focus and engagement.

Create Personalized Training

Circle’s course creator tools allow you to design customized course material to give each employee a personalized and unique training experience.

Effectively Track Progress

Employee performance is the best measure of training success. Circle provides you with detailed progress reporting capabilities in order to effectively track your employees’ training progress and performance.

Encourage Collaboration

A unified educational institution yields high-performing educators. Circle enables your organization to stay connected and collaborative by offering effective communication and feedback capabilities.

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