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Your all-in-one solution for online training success!

Whether you're a coach, trainer, entrepreneur, or company, Circle LMS streamlines your path to success, empowering you to create captivating courses, effortlessly certify students, and cultivate a thriving community – all within our intuitive and user-friendly platform. Share your passion, make a lasting impact, and achieve your goals with Circle LMS!

Explore Circle LMS's diverse offerings: 

Course Variety

Effortlessly craft a diverse range of courses with Circle. Whether you opt for the flexible format of online self-paced courses, the engaging interactions of in-person training, or the convenience of virtual classrooms, Circle caters to your every need.

Additionally, our platform gives you the tools to create checklists, surveys, and assessments with ease. With Circle, we've got all your course creation needs covered in a single, all-encompassing platform. 

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Multimedia Content

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Circle empowers creators with a variety of multimedia options such as text, images, videos, slides, PDFs, audio, and SCORM files, ensuring flexibility in content delivery.

Our user-friendly Online Course Builder streamlines course creation, removing the requirement for technical knowledge. Additionally, Circle integrates advanced technologies like 3D video and AR/VR to provide an immersive learning experience. 

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Foster Engaged Communities

With Circle LMS, building vibrant communities for your online school is a breeze. By seamlessly integrating a community directly within your course, promoting interactive communication, and fully engaging learners in their coursework, Circle LMS guarantees a deep sense of connection and appreciation for all participants.

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Certificate Management 

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Circle's Certification feature allows you to take control of the certification process by customizing criteria like quizzes, deadlines, and prerequisites. Certificates are auto-generated upon completion, with email notifications. Choose from various designs to match course aesthetics, establishing authority, and motivating learners. 

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Captivating UI 

Circle LMS transforms the traditional learning experience into an engaging and visually appealing cinematic adventure. Drawing inspiration from popular streaming services, the user interface features large, eye-catching thumbnails that instantly capture attention. Organized into categorized rows for easy exploration, the platform utilizes horizontal scrolling for efficient navigation through its extensive content library. Each course and learning materials is presented in a way that feels as exciting as selecting the latest Blockbuster movie to watch! 

Check out our blog to learn more about the stunning dashboard: From Boring Courses to Blockbuster Hits: Circle LMS Transforms Learning into a Cinematic Experience

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Payments Integration  


Seamlessly integrate payment solutions with our platform's Payments Integration feature. Effortlessly set prices, receive payments, and manage transactions with ease. Our secure integration with Stripe ensures reliable and efficient payment processing for your convenience.

Custom Branding 

The flexible branding options on Circle allow you to customize the look and feel of your training site in alignment with your unique identity. Easily upload your company's logo and establish a personalized domain to enhance your platform's branding. In the end, the Circle platform is distinctly YOURS, reflecting the tailored essence of your brand. 

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Badge Management 


The Badge Management feature stands out as a dynamic and powerful tool to acknowledge and motivate learners. You can create and award digital badges, recognizing specific achievements or milestones achieved by learners. These badges serve as compelling visual symbols of accomplishment that learners can proudly showcase on their profiles. Whether it's mastering a specific skill, completing a course, or achieving significant participation levels, learners will see their progress captured and rewarded. Infusing gamification into the learning process and fostering healthy competition is the ultimate way to make learning fun and exciting. 

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