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Circle for Hospitality

Circle helps your employees feel right at home

Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is the key to success. In order to make your customers feel at home, you must first make your employees feel at home in their new roles.

When your employees feel confident and comfortable in their roles, they will deliver their best customer service. Circle’s training tools keep your employees engaged, organized, and empowered to deliver their best work.

The hospitality industry is made up of many different roles and departments. With Circle, it is easy to deploy effective and consistent training to employees in all locations and departments, allowing unity in your organization.

A unified organization equates to strong employee performance and a reliable brand image. Circle can help your employees stay connected, no matter where they are.

Circle Helps You Drive Customer Satisfaction

Personalize Training

The various different roles that comprise your hospitality organization require unique training. Circle enables you to personalize your training to fit the variety of learning needs that exist in the hospitality industry. Circle equips you with a course designer tool to create custom online courses, as well as efficient classroom course management features to easily implement hands-on training.

Meet Compliance Standards

In order to treat your customers with care, it is important that all of your employees are informed and compliant with important legal regulations. Circle offers easy compliance tracking tools to ensure that all of your employees are current on their requirements, which keeps your organization protected from legal risk.

Maintain Consistency in All Regions

Accommodating learners from various regions is important for an organization with many different facilities. Circle is built to manage large numbers of users all over the globe and offers regional administration tools and report metrics, all accessible from the same central system. 

Measure Training Effectiveness

Circle makes it easy to measure your training’s effectiveness by offering employee assessment capabilities and feedback tools. These features allow you to carefully assess your employees’ performance and promote clarity and communication between managers and employees.

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