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Circle for Retail

Circle empowers your employees to bring their best customer service

Strengthen Your Brand and Build Loyalty

A strong brand is crucial for success in the retail industry. Your frontline employees represent and communicate your brand’s values directly to your customers. Therefore, the development of a strong brand begins with consistent employee training.

Your employees’ training should be engaging and personalized in order to heighten performance. Circle helps you give your employees a connected training experience that will leave a lasting impact on their long-term performance.

Your employees’ productivity will flourish under a cohesive organization. Circle provides you with effective communication tools to keep your employees and managers connected.

The relationships that your employees build with your customers hold a lot of power. By strengthening your employees’ performance, you are reflecting your brand’s quality and reliability.

Circle Helps You Align Your Employees

Stay Connected

Circle provides you with the tools to ensure alignment of your brand across all regions. Circle allows for widespread communication of information and expectations to employees, ensuring consistency in your operations. 

Ensure Compliance

Circle allows you to effectively measure the compliance of your team, providing you with the tools to assess your employees’ performance through detailed reports and manage notifications and reminders, thus allowing your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

Customize Training

Circle’s performance dashboards enable your management team to track, calibrate, and assess employee performance to understand where adjustments may be needed. These tools allow for a personalized training experience that is crucial to your employees’ success.

Maximize Performance

Circle utilizes customer response to measure employee performance, using metrics such as employee engagement and training material effectiveness. Through its powerful, real-time metrics, Circle enables the training department to influence corporate strategy.

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