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Circle for Healthcare

Circle empowers your employees to deliver quality care

Deliver The Highest Quality Care to Your Patients

In order to deliver quality care to your patients, your organization needs the backbone of a well-trained workforce. Circle can help you transform your training experience and overcome the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. 

Success in the healthcare industry begins with engaging your employees. When your team is connected and motivated, your organization is empowered to deliver the best care possible to your patients.

Circle’s integrated platform enables you to deliver efficient and personalized training, stay engaged in your trainees’ progress, and maximize your medical institution’s successful outcomes. 

Circle helps you develop your nurses, residents, and staff members into medical experts and deliver quality care to serve all of your patients’ needs.

Circle Helps You Implement Safe and Effective Training

Automate Training Assignment

Circle is built to help you manage large numbers of users with different specialties and training needs. Circle utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically assign relevant training curriculum to users of all different roles, ensuring that your new employees will receive only the training that they need.

Personalize Your Training

Circle’s course creation tool allows you to customize your educational content to fit a diverse set of training needs within your medical facility. You can upload photo, video, and audio material to your courses, create quiz assessments, and implement feedback modules to engage your learners and personalize their training experience.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Compliance

When dealing with the health and safety of thousands of patients, it is crucial that your organization stays current on the industry’s ever-changing compliance standards in order to avoid risk. Circle offers various compliance metrics to ensure that your employees understand their responsibilities and expectations at all times.

Make Continuous Training Easy

The healthcare industry’s changing safety regulations require your workers to renew their training periodically. With Circle, you can easily manage recertification for your employees’ continuous training and instill reliability in your work.

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