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Explore Platforms for Selling In-Person Training: Circle LMS Leads the Way

Updated: Jan 9

In-person training: instructor presenting in front of students

In a world where online learning has soared in popularity, the demand for in-person training courses remains strong. Course providers offering these valuable programs require platforms that can seamlessly handle complex scheduling and enrollment, provide a frictionless checkout process, automate class reminders, and offer advanced attendance tools. In this blog post, we will delve into how Circle LMS surpasses expectations with its exceptional capabilities, supporting course providers in their pursuit of successful in-person training endeavors.

Circle LMS is a leading platform that excels in supporting in-person training courses. Its unique features make it a preferred choice for course providers looking to sell and manage their in-person training programs effectively.

  • Complex Scheduling and Enrollment: Circle LMS offers robust scheduling tools that allow course providers to manage complex class schedules effortlessly. Whether it's multiple sessions, recurring classes, or overlapping courses, Circle LMS provides the flexibility to handle diverse scheduling requirements. In addition, the platform supports easy enrollment, enabling students to browse available classes and register with just a few clicks.

  • Seamless Checkout Process: Circle LMS prioritizes a smooth and streamlined checkout process, ensuring that students can easily purchase and reserve their spots in in-person training courses. The platform offers secure payment processing and supports multiple payment options, making it convenient for students to complete their transactions.

  • Automatic Class Reminder Emails: To enhance attendance rates and improve the overall student experience, Circle LMS automates the process of sending class reminder emails. This feature helps reduce no-shows by sending timely reminders to registered participants, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed about their upcoming in-person training sessions.

  • Advanced Attendance Tools, Including QR Code Scanning: Circle LMS goes the extra mile in facilitating attendance tracking for in-person training courses. Its advanced attendance tools include QR code scanning, this eliminates the need for manual checklists and provides accurate attendance records.

When it comes to selling in-person training courses, course providers need platforms that offer robust features and capabilities. Circle LMS stands out with its ability to support complex scheduling and enrollment, offer a seamless checkout process, automate class reminder emails, and provide advanced attendance tools like QR code scanning. By choosing Circle LMS, course providers can confidently sell and manage their in-person training courses, ensuring a smooth experience for both instructors and students.

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