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Welcome to Circle LMS, your go-to platform for revolutionizing the way you deliver and sell courses! At Circle LMS, we understand the diverse needs of trainers and course retailers. Our platform is tailored to support a wide array of learning styles, ensuring that your customers have the ultimate learning experience. To start building content, check out how to create/manage courses and curriculums.

Training Formats

As a course retailer, you'll appreciate our platform's versatility, accommodating various training formats to meet the demands of your diverse customer base. Whether your clients prefer online courses, peer-to-peer interactions, virtual reality training, video courses, or the classic in-person classroom setting, Circle LMS has you covered.

Content Type

Our commitment to diversity extends to the types of content we support. From traditional multimedia formats like SCORM, HTML, and videos (MP4, MP3) to immersive 3D videos, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), our platform accommodates it all. Graphic content and various document types, including docs, xlsx, pdf, PowerPoint, etc., are seamlessly integrated as well. Moreover, our platform goes beyond static content delivery with the integration of webinar capabilities, making it a one-stop solution for all your educational needs.

Bundled Learning Tracks

Whether your learners prefer standalone courses or comprehensive learning tracks, Circle LMS offers the flexibility to sell courses individually or in bundles. You may package one or multiple courses into a curriculum, providing a seamless and structured educational path for your customers.

Learn how to create/manage courses and curriculums now!



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